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May as well join in the laughter!

Today, I was walking out of the building at work, getting ready to head home. Minding my own business. At first, I didn’t know if the bird was snowblind or distracted, whatever, but it came in towards me like a Kamikaze pilot and I had to duck or we would have collided, no joke!! It wasn’t divebombing me, it was clearly intent on its purpose to get to the old and shaggy Norway Spruce that is next to the exit that I had just left.

I imagine the expression on my face and my body language were quite interesting and comical at the same time. One of the residents who happened to be walking outdoors broke up in a gale of laughter.  It took me a couple of seconds, but I proceeded to join in on the laughter as well. All I could muster up was to call it the “killer kamikaze bird”, and fell out in even more laughter.

What made it more special was this person is usually very withdrawn and rarely reacts or talks to anybody. I clearly made his day a little more joyful.

About the situation itself.

I  know that some people would have found it either annoying or awkward to be the subject of hilarity and laughter.

The thing is, as we grow older, I find myself not taking myself as seriously as I did when I was younger.

Stuff happens. Some very funny stuff at that. It’s good to lighten up.

Being the the cause of someone else to break out in laughter over an absurd or funny situation involving oneself isn’t a bad thing. It’s not like I was being mocked. And if it brought someone to find humor in a strange little situation, to come out of his shell however briefly, so much the better.

Another case in point.

Now, this could have really been a humiliating situation, but what the heck! Stuff happens.

I don’t use dryer sheets. They make me itch. Ditto for fabric softener in the rinse cycle. A few years ago, I went to work and was ambling down the unit at the hospital where I worked and one of the employees broke out in peels of laughter. She pulled a sock off the bottom of the back of my lab jacket. I had just fetched it from a warm dryer that morning and didn’t realize that a black sock was stuck to it. Yup, drove into work, walked in from the parking lot, took off my coat and it was still clinging to me like a little black tail! I took the sock, thanked her, and deadpanned that I sure could use the other one about now–my feet were wet from walking through the puddles. And then I proceeded to laugh as well.

Life is too short . There is enough seriousness and heartache we see or face every day that we may as well enjoy the humor involving the absurd little things that happen to us. Rather than feel indignant or embarrassed, enjoy the moment and may as well join in the laughter!