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They Say I Should Call This “About Me”…

Well, here I am all new to blogging.

I’ve had a few websites before, so this should be similar, right? Except I’ve signed on with other blog sites and am trying them all out at the moment.

I am a wife, mother, grandma, and nurse. Well, let me back that up. While I am all those things and wear all those hats, I am Marilyn first and foremost. Keeping tabs on myself so as not to get lost in these other roles!

I guess you could say I have a curiosity about many things. I enjoy trying my hand at new challenges.

I enjoy writing, poetry, music, and painting. I also enjoy outdoorsy kind of pursuits. I love to garden, I enjoy fishing, and if I could, I’d do more camping. I happen to have a city boy husband whom I love dearly, but his idea of camping and roughing it would be a big Winnebago with satellite feed. Not that that’s all bad, but maybe when I’m really old and I can’t pick myself up off the ground after sleeping in a tent.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.

One last thing: I hate all “I, me, myself” kind of situations. Blogs are good for that. So while I’ll be posting anything from my own thoughts and observations, I will also be posting news items of interest. I know the format can be limited, but if you stumble upon this blog, please feel free to give your own opinions and a shout out! I’m looking forward to it!!



One response to “They Say I Should Call This “About Me”…

  1. Michelle September 18, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    Hi Marilyn

    Sorry to bother you. I am trying to contact someone about some content I have found on Grabbajabba. Could you let me know who i can contact by email please?

    Kind Regards


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