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Thoughts about today: 12-14-12…

Thoughts about today: 12-14-12….


Thoughts about today: 12-14-12…

The tragedy that occurred today in Sandy Hook Elementary School has resonated throughout the country and beyond. Innocent children and the adults who were entrusted with their care and safety were maimed and killed. So much carnage, so much senseless violence.

The killer had to have an agenda.  I don’t believe he did this on the spur, went unhinged and let it fly. I think this was well-planned, a type of suicide but with a willful purpose to take as many people out as he could in the process.

I say this because this happened at a school where the killer’s mother, who was also a victim, taught. I imagine that even with locked doors and access by approval, he was probably familiar to staff because his mother worked there.

I also say this because he maximized the pain and grief that the victims’ families would experience by executing mass murder less than two weeks before the Christmas holidays. And Christmas is really about children for most people–whether one is a person of Faith or not, the focus on the holidays is generally around families and children in particular as we celebrate Christ’s birth or the season or both. While it really wouldn’t have mattered what time of the year he chose to go on this killing spree, it has the heightened effect of forever ensuring for the loved ones left behind that not another Christmas or holiday season will go by that isn’t in some way darkened even more by the the timing of this tragedy–just before the holidays.

I am at a loss for words to adequately describe how I feel. I have no relatives or connection with the victims or their families. Yet, I know that, as is the case for many of us right now, I feel great pain and sorrow that these innocents lost their lives in this manner. My heart aches for the loved ones left behind with the task of burying their children, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters at a time when we should be celebrating the fellowship of mankind, Peace on Earth, and Goodwill.

With all the hatred, wars, and senseless violence going on, it is easy to believe that evil is taking over the world and that what goodness that does exist is being snuffed out. It is easy to believe that ultimately, there is no hope for the world. It’s a little harder to believe in the notion of good always triumphs over evil at a time like this.

But, I refuse to accept this or go down that road. To do so is to allow evil to triumph in the end.