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Daily Archives: December 11, 2010

‘Tis the season: The Christmas War version 2010

The annual Christmas battle has begun and the press is eating it like a plate full of  Mom’s best homemade cookies. Or so it would seem.

The American Atheists placed a billboard at the entrance of the Lincoln tunnel going into New York at the Jersey side of the tunnel. It features a silhouette nativity scene with the caption, “You KNOW it’s a Myth. This Season, Celebrate REASON.”

On the opposite side of the tunnel going into New Jersey, the Catholic League posted the exact same billboard but with the caption, “You KNOW It’s Real.”

My opinion of this latest version of the annual Christmas War? Each one of us has our own traditions and beliefs regarding this time of the year. We celebrate in ways that are personally  meaningful to each one of us. Those who are Christian celebrate the birth of Jesus and hold this holiday sacred. Those who are secular or who are non-Christian also celebrate their own holidays or even Christmas itself.  But the universal theme of this season and Christmas in particular  is to extend goodwill to all. To lay aside differences and reach out to one another. Regardless of what we believe.

Apparently, that time-honored tradition of setting aside our differences and extending a helping hand to the less fortunate among us is dying out, being replaced by a battle of the secularists vs. the believers.

My final thoughts:

Both groups aren’t going to change what people believe by erecting competing billboards at $20,000 apiece.

$40,000. That’s a lot of cash. That kind of money could be put to good use helping financially strapped families, the homeless, the sick with no health care, and the forgotten elderly people of this country.

So much for Peace on Earth and extending a helping hand towards others.

‘Tis the season, indeed…