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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Welcome To My Little Spot Of The Internet

If you are here, I guess you’re reading this! My name is Marilyn. I’m a number of things. Obviously, I am a female. Or maybe not–there is a Marilyn Manson. I’ll let you guess from what else I have to share.

I live in the Midwest. More specifically, the Great Lakes Region. Born a Buckeye, moved to Illinois when I was a kid, now smack in the middle between the two in Indiana. I guess that makes me a Buck-Illi-Oosier!

I am the Mother of two girls now grown, Grandmother of five soon to be six. Yup, I guess that gives away more than a bit about my gender and I’ll let you guess the age. One hint: My first grandchild was born when I was in my late thirties. Now you can try to do the Math!

What will I post here? Mainly, my observations of the world around me and who knows? Some days I get my panties in a twist over some news story or other and have to vent. Some days, silliness rules. I might even share a few stories of childhood, a recipe, a tidbit about my family goings-on, or my garden.

I want this to be a place to share and interact with all of you, same as I would share in everyday, offline life with friends and family. Conversations of the sort that you have with your best friend on a hot summer’s evening on the porch or gazebo. Or late at night with your mate.

So, come sit with me a while and let’s share a little craziness, a little joy, a little time together! I’ll get the cookies and milk. We have all the time in the world.